Is Tiffany a reachable dream?

20 May



Last night I indulged in the most classic of movie nights “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. I have seen this movie so many times yet every time I re-fall in love with Holly Golightly as I appreciate the eternal elegance of Audrey Hepburn and every time I think that I should take refuge at Tiffany’s whenever I have an attack of “mean reds”!  Certainly I am not the only one deeply in love with the iconic little blue box (for those who don’t know, at Tiffany’s every jewelry creation is wrapped in a vibrant blue box and bagged in a blue shopping bag… symbol of luxury and exclusivity!). This color is known as Tiffany Blue or robin’s-egg blue or forget-me not blue and is very distinctive. The signature color was selected by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany in person as a reminder of the popular 19th-century turquoise gemstone.



I have always been fascinated by Tiffany not only as a synonym of stunning elegance and captivating originality all around the world, but also for the history of the brand. Founded initially as a “stationery and fancy goods emporium” in New York City in 1837, the store went from selling a wide variety of stationery items, to be an arbiter of taste and style as a luxury jewelry and silverware corporation. Tiffany also entered the U.S. Navy with a revision of the Medal of Honor and also the White House china and service ware (we can easily imagine how classy is a Tiffany tureen!). So many movie and popular songs have contributed to enhance the charm of this brand. Eartha Kitt wished for Santa Claus to adorn her Christmas tree with some Tiffany decoration and Marilyn Monroe was best friends with its diamonds. Most recently Tiffany & Co designed one-of-a-kind pieces to adorn the characters of the Great Gatsby movie: bracelets, earrings and headpieces inspired by the Jazz Age. My personal favorite is the Savoy headpiece in platinum worn by Daisy Buchanan (the female character of the movie) featuring freshwater cultured pearls and round brilliant diamonds for a total of $200,000! I am totally in love (and I am sure Holly Golightly would be too) with the 1920 feelings of this new collection.


But the best part of Tiffany is that not all pieces are unaffordable (well, the one priced in the millions are!). It may seem like a contradiction, but today at Tiffany’s there are dreams for all budgets: from perfect engagement rings to treasure for a lifetime to simple and totally affordable (but always classic chic) silver bracelets or necklaces. The silver collection is particularly popular among young women as recently I have seen small locks or hearts wrapped around many wrists. However, we think about exclusive luxury implying that there would be no haggling over the price? After all, there is not a single thing affordable at Chanel’s and by affordable I consider a starting point of 100 dollars. So, when the luxury became somehow affordable, is the brand image devalued? Usually yes, but Tiffany is an exception as they managed to create a successful “affordable” line characterized by the same chic elegance and sophistication of most expensive adornments. A classic icon and pure glamour.  How did they do this? By maintaining the same legendary style that was established more than 175 years ago in every single piece. Thanks to the Tiffany’s silver goods we can at least dream of a reachable luxury!



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